Of all the variables routinely measured and monitored, temperature is the most critical and the most often monitored.

Temperature monitoring takes many forms but it is constant monitoring that can provide valuable insight after a temperature failure has been notified.

Temperature monitoring units supplied by Data Acquisition Networks provide alarms when things go wrong. When temperature strays outside parameters set by you, you WILL RECEIVE an ALARM NOTIFICATION that will enable you to take immediate action to resolve the problem. Whether it is as complex as the failure of a refrigeration unit or as simple as a staff member has left a door open, you will know straight away and you will be able to fix the cause.

It is after the failure that the temperature monitoring unit provides its second valuable function. Let’s say the product you were storing was perishable food and you were storing it at or below 4DegC. Food spoilage is a function of time and temperature. Temperature monitoring units supplied by Data Acquisition Networks will continue to record the actual temperature during the failure as well as the duration. After the event, a microbiologist will be able to use the temperature monitoring information to provide an assessment of the risk. This may result in a ‘disposal recommendation’ or very often, to a recommendation to ‘reduce shelf life’ which avoids the need to write off and throw away the food.

A number of Insurance Companies will reduce insurance premiums when temperature monitoring is used.

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