DAN has taken data gathering and control to the next level by harnessing the latest in communications technology and coupling that with our own innovative products. The result is an integrated control and data gathering system all managed through a standard web browser and connected over the mobile phone network.

Imagine an ‘off the shelf system’ that is able to operate with:

  • No computers on site
  • No software installation
  • Minimum set-up
  • No software upgrades to implement

The DAN system facilitates all actions through our HOSTED WEB SITE, where you can:

  • Set up your system
  • Change alarm points
  • Implement control parameters
  • Search for your data
  • Calibrate your system
  • Set up SMS and email alarm messages
  • Request instantaneous data from your site
  • Manage your system security
  • And more!

Our technical team have together gained over 50 years of ‘hands-on’ experience in both hardware and software design as related to instrumentation, controls and data gathering processes. The system we have developed can be applied to almost any application. Please feel free to browse this site or to contact us for more information.

Contact Details

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