NATURE - Almost everyone around the world is talking about understanding our environment better. Data Acquisition Networks is doing something about it!Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) has been supplying environmental monitoring equipment since 2004. Because those parts of the environment we need to monitor are not always where we live and work, the collection, aggregation and presentation of ‘realtime’ data is not always easy. DAN now has the solution.Older generation monitoring equipment logged data at a site that then needed to be visited for collection. As improvements were made data was ‘dumped’ to a central server at the end of each day but even those methods had problems and newer, more reliable methods were required.The DM01 supplied by Data Acquisition Networks (DAN)was one of the first remote data logging units that could reliably transmit data as frequently as it is required by either using the mobile phone network or satellite. DAN’s unique technology ensures satellite transmission costs never get out of control. DAN systems transmit data every hour, or even more frequently when it is needed. Data is transferred to a secure website and therefore DAN data can never be tampered with by those who might for whatever reason choose to do so. All software required or set up and to facilitate ongoing changes is on the web site. No software to buy or update!DAN units can be programmed via the web site to send alarms when alarm conditions are met and to send alarm reset messages when conditions return to normal. Site actions may also be initiated such as automatic samplers etc.DAN systems can log and transmit almost any data required for environmental monitoring including salinity, rainfall wind speed and/or direction humidity, water level, flow and solar information..The DAN system is very easy and very cost effective to use. Website passwords can be allocated to different users enabling them to have differing levels of access to data. Some can have access enabling them to change alarm conditions for example whilst others can simply have access to data. The DAN website logs data and makes it available immediately to those who need to use it.Data can be transmitted through the GPRS network, NextG or by satellite so no location is too remote for DAN to reliably monitor.EFFLUENT –  DAN already assists a number of enterprises to measure and manage their effluent and hence ensure compliance with their effluent discharge obligations. Companies using DAN equipment for effluent management have saved many thousands of dollars by simply using information collected to take appropriate action

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