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Data Acquisition Networks maintains that efficient control of temperatures through monitoring does not need to cost large amounts of money. In fact, DAN is able to supply wireless devices that record temperatures from many points and then aggregate presentation and storage of data on a website in a way that is unique and absolutely cost effective.

Installation of DAN temperature monitoring equipment is also easy and inexpensive and can normally be completed for a complex site in a very short time.

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Storage temperature is vital to so many products. Food, blood and some pharmaceuticals can all be susceptible to temperature damage and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Not only can poorly stored product by injurious or even fatal but it will cause your company and its reputation irreparable damage.

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DAN’s data logger range is capable of monitoring almost anything and the most frequent request we receive is to monitor temperature. Temperature data loggers record vital records for everything from food, to swimming pools right through to and including pharmaceuticals.

Recent developments by DAN enable efficient wireless monitoring over substantial distances. All data records from DAN temperature data loggers are sent to a website routinely so you will always have a record demonstrating your due diligence.

Temperature data loggers supplied by DAN have proven themselves absolutely reliable and durable as well as being inexpensive. Temperature data loggers send alarm notifications and enable corrective action to be noted.

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Of all the variables routinely measured and monitored, temperature is the most critical and the most often monitored.

Temperature monitoring takes many forms but it is constant monitoring that can provide valuable insight after a temperature failure has been notified.

Temperature monitoring units supplied by Data Acquisition Networks provide alarms when things go wrong. When temperature strays outside parameters set by you, you WILL RECEIVE an ALARM NOTIFICATION that will enable you to take immediate action to resolve the problem. Whether it is as complex as the failure of a refrigeration unit or as simple as a staff member has left a door open, you will know straight away and you will be able to fix the cause.

It is after the failure that the temperature monitoring unit provides its second valuable function. Let’s say the product you were storing was perishable food and you were storing it at or below 4DegC. Food spoilage is a function of time and temperature. Temperature monitoring units supplied by Data Acquisition Networks will continue to record the actual temperature during the failure as well as the duration. After the event, a microbiologist will be able to use the temperature monitoring information to provide an assessment of the risk. This may result in a ‘disposal recommendation’ or very often, to a recommendation to ‘reduce shelf life’ which avoids the need to write off and throw away the food.

A number of Insurance Companies will reduce insurance premiums when temperature monitoring is used.

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Temperature data loggers perform critical and at times life saving functions.

Whether your need is to record the temperature of blood stored for human use, the storage temperature of perishable foods or the core temperature of re-thermalised foods, temperature data loggers are crucial. Temperature data loggers are ‘at work’ 24/7 and whereas it was formerly believed that writing a temperature down twice a day would get the job done, it has now clear this was incorrect.

Temperature data loggers supplied by Data Acquisition Networks come in many sizes and varieties from the very simple to the sophisticated. DAN is able to provide a data loggers to meet your exact need and at a price that is affordable. DAN temperature data loggers can be installed as wireless units or hard-wired. They can record your data on a PC or MacBook or on a website independently maintained with a guaranteed 99.9% up-time.

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Most perishable items, particularly food, need to be stored at appropriate temperatures so as to maintain freshness and food safety.

Whenever a perishable food item held in storage goes outside acceptable temperature it is critical a temperature data logger sends an alarm AND records the level of temperature abuse and the time over which that abuse occurred.

Temperature data loggers supplied by Data Acquisition Networks provide this essential information. A microbiologist or laboratory can examine DAN data records and determine if the perishable food remains suitable for consumption, that is it is food safe and if so, whether it is advisable to reduce the remaining shelf life of the product.

Without this high quality of information, food needs to be thrown away.

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Temperature remains one of the MOST CRITICAL measurements for a variety of goods ranging from perishable food storage through to pharmaceuticals and everything in between!

Data Acquisition Networks has a range of temperature data loggers that ensure every application has a measuring solution that is easy to install, efficient to use and effective. DAN supplies simple chart recorders to monitor temperature through to sophisticated internet based reporting systems that ensure recorded temperatures are permanently stored and available when required. DAN temperature data loggers also send out alarms when temperature goes outside pre-determined standards set by you.

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Temperature monitoring remains the single biggest use of industrial monitoring equipment. Whilst more and more people every day are realising the benefits of monitoring everything they do, temperature seems critical to a great many industries.

Perishable food can develop microbial contamination if appropriate storage temperatures are not maintained. Pharmaceutical products can lose effectiveness and blood and other ‘medical needs’ are temperature sensitive.

The consequences of temperature failure in any of these applications can be very significant and potentially fatal.

DAN provides a range of temperature monitoring equipment and has a product to meet and exceed your needs, no matter what industry you are in. DAN equipment is supported locally and cost effective.

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During late 2010 Data Acquisition Networks made some important changes to the technical team as a part of our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of service to our valued customers.As we have moved into 2011 DAN now has a technical team in place with improved application understanding, a heightened awareness of the need to work closely with customers to achieve monitoring goals established by the customer, a commitment to ‘urgent customer response’ and a broader base of general technical experience and understanding.

We are now more confident than ever before that whilst the original thinking that led to the development of our revolutionary monitoring and data logging products remains in place, it has been supplemented with dedicated technical practitioners that will deliver outstanding results for our customers both now and into the future.

If the comments thus far coming from our customers are anything to go by, the changes we have made have been universally agreed to be outstanding!

If you would like to talk to us about your data logging needs please do not hesitate to contact us through sales@danmonitoring.com

Data Acquisition Networks supplies a range of monitoring units and data loggers that have application in food safety/HACCP, swimming pool monitoring, tank monitoring, temperature monitoring as well as a large number of other commercial uses.

FOOD SAFETY – 100% paper-free HACCP Records!

The DE20 developed by Data Acquisition Networks provides food businesses with the first-ever opportunity to totally replace paper-based HACCP recording systems with automated and electronic data collection.

Early prototypes of the DE20 have been significantly upgraded in 2011 to provide enhanced features and functionality. With easy installation of only one single wall-mounted unit a food business is now able to routinely collect temperature data for food storage as well as input data relevant to others critical control points. Summary reports and other new and ‘special features’ are available through use of the system. Data is accessed via the internet through security password and logon identification.

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