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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is accepted around the world as being the standard by which food safety is managed from paddock to plate. HACCP works on the principal that if you identify your potential hazards in a food manufacturing or preparation process, identify the critical control points and routinely monitor those points and record the detail, food safety will be achieved.

Data Acquisition Networks provides equipment that routinely monitors critical control points and because DAN systems send data over the mobile phone network to a website, the need to record data is achieved.

The benefits of the DAN system are:

  1. DAN monitoring equipment routinely records data and your HACCP system does not rely upon junior staff or busy managers remembering to check and record data at times when they may be otherwise distracted

  2. Data on the website cannot be changed

  3. Others, not on the site, for example head office quality or technical staff have visibility of the data through password entry, over any Internet enabled PC

  4. DAN systems send alarms by SMS and email and can also initiate a ‘local’ alarm

  5. Head office personnel can receive email alarms enabling them to target their supervisory effort to those sites that most frequently have problems

  6. DAN monitoring systems are cost-effective

Data Acquisition Networks is proud to be able to provide the food industry with monitoring systems that take HACCP and food safety to a new level. The cost to a corporation of poor food safety is very significant and can be so easily avoided.

Contact DAN today about a monitoring system to protect your customers and your brand. To view a pdf summary of the DAN Food Safety Monitoring CLICK HERE

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