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Data Acquisition Networks Pty Ltd (DAN) has developed a flexible web-based, remote monitoring system that provides the ability to gather data and make it conveniently available to those that need it.


The primary benefits of the DAN web-based monitoring systems are for:

1. Those that want to collect data from remote sites and/or difficult to reach sites and make that data available conveniently on a central web site.

2. Organisations or groups that want to view data centrally from a variety of sites


Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world where access to the internet is available, all that is required is a user name and password.  In addition, the system may be extended to incorporate local control, with control variables being altered via the web site.

Instantaneous data can also be retrieved by dialling a specified mobile phone number from a nominated mobile telephone.  Data will be made available via SMS message onto that phone within minutes.  The system may also be configured to provide alarm messages to either an email address or via SMS to a mobile phone.


DAN is leading the world in the design and installation of cost effective, web-based monitoring solutions.

Data loggers supplied by Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) are finding their way into a variety of industrial markets.From the food industry to the environment and mining and almost everything in between Data logging and DAN are now seen as synonymous.DAN Data loggers consist of two elements, site hardware and a website. DAN Data logging site hardware is robust, reliable, and versatile in that it can accommodate almost any industrial probe and is cost effective.The website acts as an intelligent Data logging vault that can store data sent by the data logger, derive data where appropriate, recognise alarm conditions and more.Data logging is an essential part of good modern business practice and DAN is the Data logging specialist.

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