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Every HACCP program requires attention to record-keeping. Data enables operators and those that certify HACCP programs to be certain critical control points are being monitored and that performance is within specified tolerances.

The problem with manual records is that people instinctively put them last when things are busy and it is when things are busy that achievement of specified tolerances comes under pressure. Automated data collection systems have historically suffered from the problem that ‘no-one looks at the data’. . . . . . . . . until now!

Data Acquisition Networks has developed a data collection system for HACCP that both automatically collects routine data and also facilitates the manual entry of data when no automated system is appropriate. Unlike other systems however the DAN HACCP system has fail-safes that ensure compliance. If supervisers do not login daily to view data alarms are generated. If manual data is not entered by prescribed times then alarms are generated. If CCP’s go outside prescribed tolerances . . . . . . alarms are generated. For each alarm DAN has inbuilt into the system the opportunity for a corrective action to be noted and if no corrective action is noted within a designated interval from the alarm being generated . . . . . . an alarm notification notifying the absence of a corrective action is generated.

The DAN HACCP system is all about ensuring food safety and not tolerating neglect or indifference to HACCP.

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