Pharmaceutical & Medical

‘Cold Chain’ Data Logging

Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry

Vaccine fridges, storage and transport boxes.

Refrigerated transport and containers.

Temperature alarms and chart recorders for blood banks.

Pharmacy fridge and freezer monitoring.

Temperature in plasma, IVF and cryogenic freezers.

Temperature mapping of large walk in cold stores used for critical storage and distribution of medical supplies.

Temperature and pressure of liquid gas monitoring.

Data logger use in incubators for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Temperature and humidity or air pressure in operating theatres and clean rooms.

Monitoring multiple variables within medical research applications.

Equipment monitoring on autoclaves, sterilisers, washers, dryers etc

Effective monitoring of temperature and other variables within the pharmaceutical and medical fields is essential to protect patients, reduce product waste and to improve staff efficiency.


There are various guides from regulatory and advisory bodies as to the monitoring and alert features required within different areas of healthcare but the legislation and recommendations can only be as up to date as the affordable technology at the time of issue.

One common agreement is that performance within the medical and pharmaceutical fields can be enhanced with better and wider use of monitoring; particular temperature monitoring. Keeping automatic records of all storage and transport conditions throughout the cold chain, from manufacture to point of use by the patient, is becoming easier and more cost effective as technology develops. The latest equipment can help provide better patient care and reduce costs by protecting valuable stock with minimum investment in time or money.

Data Acquisition Networks Pty manufactures affordable, automatic data monitoring systems using the latest technology. Complete solutions will automatically store readings from multiple areas to comply with all legislation and to provide validation that the product is suitable for use. Warnings and alarms can be set to alert staff of any potential problems so a crisis can be avoided.



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