Data Logging


Suppliers of materials that provide a high level of service to their customers use remote data loggers to monitor tanks and send alarms when pre-determined replenishment levels are reached.

These suppliers never allow their customers to run low or worse, to have their production stopped by low material levels.

DAN tank monitoring equipment enables a supplier to access information routinely, to receive alarms as replenishment levels are reached, to contact there customers to advise of a supply need rather than wait for a customer to contact them and because this information is ‘ordered’ and routine, truck deliveries can be scheduled in the most efficient manner.

Sounds like a lot of good reasons to contact DAN today on 1300 97 31 80 to enquire about how you can improve service to your customers!


During late 2010 Data Acquisition Networks made some important changes to the technical team as a part of our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of service to our valued customers.As we have moved into 2011 DAN now has a technical team in place with improved application understanding, a heightened awareness of the need to work closely with customers to achieve monitoring goals established by the customer, a commitment to ‘urgent customer response’ and a broader base of general technical experience and understanding.

We are now more confident than ever before that whilst the original thinking that led to the development of our revolutionary monitoring and data logging products remains in place, it has been supplemented with dedicated technical practitioners that will deliver outstanding results for our customers both now and into the future.

If the comments thus far coming from our customers are anything to go by, the changes we have made have been universally agreed to be outstanding!

If you would like to talk to us about your data logging needs please do not hesitate to contact us through

Data Acquisition Networks supplies a range of monitoring units and data loggers that have application in food safety/HACCP, swimming pool monitoring, tank monitoring, temperature monitoring as well as a large number of other commercial uses.

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