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Data Acquisition Networks Pty Ltd (DAN) has developed a flexible remote monitoring system that provides the ability to gather data from remote sites and/or difficult to reach sites and make that data available conveniently on a central web site.  Information can therefore be accessed from anywhere in the world where access to the internet is available, all that is required is a user name and password.  In addition, the system may be extended to incorporate local control, with control variables being altered via the web site. Instantaneous data can also be retrieved by dialling a specified mobile phone number from a nominated mobile telephone.  Data will be made available via SMS message onto that phone within minutes.  The system may also be configured to provide alarm messages to either an email address or via SMS to a mobile phone.  DAN SOLUTIONS: DAN offer remote monitoring systems that consist typically of three components: 1.  Probes/sensors: located on site, probes and sensors specially selected for the application collect the input data for the system.  Analogue input data can cover parameters such as (but not limited to) temperature, pressure, density, conductivity, pressure drop, pH, ORP, speed, vibration, humidity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen etc while digital input data can cover on/off conditions and event counting such as rainfall, flow etc.  If a sensor is already in place to measure a parameter, the DAN system may be able to utilise that input. 2.  The Data Control Centre (located on-site): All probes and sensors make measurements continually and send the data to the data control centre.  Here, these readings are interpreted by a micro-processor into average, maximum and minimum readings over a period (the transfer interval) and stored in a data register.  The data control centre may be powered by a power pack or solar energy and is supported by batteries should the power supply be interrupted. The Data Control Centre also has logic circuitry which enables one of three control relays to be activated should an alarm condition occur.  Any of two set points per input may be arranged to activate any of the three relays. An integral part of the data control centre is a communication modem.  After each transfer interval has elapsed, an automatic communication is initiated with the DAN web site and stored information is downloaded.  Should network problems cause no communication to be made, or an interruption to in progress communications, the on board register is able to store up to 30 such transmittable pieces of data and will transmit all stored data next time a communication link is established.  This enables up to 30 periods of loss of communications without historical data loss. During any communications process, relevant changes input via the web site are downloaded into the control and data centre. Communications may be via available commercial networks including GPRS, satellite, CDMA, ADSL, normal telephone line etc. 3.  The DAN Website: is accessed by the user with the use of a customer ID and security password.  Initially a user will input contact details and set up their application.  With the data gathering system being flexible, each user can independently determine and set parameters for each input and for alarms.  Options for alarm notification are by email and/or SMS.  In addition, derived information is also available.  By selecting a formula that is available, and by noting which respective inputs are relevant to that formula, a derived set of data can be provided. Data is displayed in an easy to read tabulated format and may be downloaded into spreadsheets for further analysis of or conversion into other optional display configurations.  Numerous search options on data are available permitting the user to display only the data required and within a number of sort options .  All data is kept on the web site for a period of 90 days after which time it is progressively discarded. Numerous variables are available for setting parameters via the web site.  These include transfer interval, power conservation interval, definition of input parameters, alarm set-points, mobile numbers (2) and email address for alarm notification, message to be sent on alarm, calibration information and mobile number for instantaneous readings. 

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