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Wireless Data Logging System

The DAN GUARDIAN wireless data logging system uses wireless base station data loggers to receive and store transmitted values from up to 50 battery powered temperature and humidity sensors.

With the AB500 and AB1000 base stations it is possible to log readings without a computer connected. Each sensor refreshes its value every minute.

Data can be retrieved from the base stations via USB using the software provided. Alternatively,  the AB1000 can be connected to a private network and accessed via its onboard web server.

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Temperature monitoring remains the single biggest use of industrial monitoring equipment. Whilst more and more people every day are realising the benefits of monitoring everything they do, temperature seems critical to a great many industries.

Perishable food can develop microbial contamination if appropriate storage temperatures are not maintained. Pharmaceutical products can lose effectiveness and blood and other ‘medical needs’ are temperature sensitive.

The consequences of temperature failure in any of these applications can be very significant and potentially fatal.

DAN provides a range of temperature monitoring equipment and has a product to meet and exceed your needs, no matter what industry you are in. DAN equipment is supported locally and cost effective.

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