DI32 – Utilities Logger

LOG – Water, Gas, Electricity

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The DAN DI32 takes the collection and recording of utilities usage to a new level of simplicity and reliability.  Used in applications within multi tenanted buildings or where utilities usage is required to be captured in industrial applications, the DI32 when connected to the relevant meters, ensures consumption is accurately captured and stored.  Housed in an IP65 polycarbonate enclosure, the unit may be housed indoors or outdoors.  It is suggested that outdoor locations be adequately protected from mechanical or malicious damage by being housed within a suitable housing.  

The DI32 has 32 digital inputs which capture and count contact closures generated by standard meters.  Each closure is captured and stored with the internal memory being updated to permanent memory each hour.  The inputs are electrically isolated from the DI32 processing circuitry to ensure that field wiring errors cannot cause catastrophic failure of the processor unit and consequent loss of data. Once installed, configuration of the DI32 is accomplished via the 4 large positive feel pushbuttons and using the visual display panel.  Menu driven on board software provides flexibility in set up. The display has yellow-green backlighting activated on a key press making reading easy even in the most dimly lit basements.  Backlighting extinguishes automatically 15 seconds after the last button is pressed. di32.JPG
The DI32 has been designed for ease of ongoing use.  An operator simply needs to use the Up and Down pushbuttons to scroll through the 32 memory records and note their readings.  Entry to the program mode is protected by a set of specific key entry requirements to guard against unauthorised changes.  A separate PC or other device is not required, the DI32 stands alone.While the DI32 is supplied with pre-configured data which would suit most applications, any item of data may be changed to suit the particular application at hand.  Once in program mode selection of one of four menu data entry functions is available:  

  • APT (Apartment) permits the assignment of up to four alpha/numeric characters to provide meaningful names to each apartment or location
  • SCL (Scaling) allows set up of the number of measurement units per contact closure
  • ASC (Association) provides the facility to tie an apartment or location to an input
  • PRE (Preset) to provide consistency, allows presetting of the total in the DI32 for any apartment or location to the same value as an existing meter

The DI32 has on board batteries which will allow it typically to operate for a minimum of 24 hours without external power.  If a dc supply is available at the site, the unit may be recharged by any available source of dc voltage in the range 10 to 40V.  If mains power is available, a plug pack with an output in this range can be connected as the means of recharging the batteries.  If no power source is available then solar cells can be directly connected and used as the means of recharging the batteries. DAN can supply solar cells and plug packs as part of the implemented solution.

The DAN DI32 is the ideal solution where a reliable and cost effective stand-alone multi input metering solution is required.

Inputs: Power Supply:


Contact closure32 input pairs with common negative  

Pull input to common negative

SourceBattery Recharge Internal 24VDC SLA Battery 1200mAh10-40Vdc at max 700mA internally managed
IsolationDe-bounce Method 2KV for 1 minuteSoftware & hardware combination Maximum Operating TimeSolar Power 24 to 72 hours without recharge dependant on load3 x 5W or 10W solar cells at 16V o/c
Maximum Input Rate 20Hz
Input Shaping Schmidt trigger with hysteresis Hardware:
Display 2 line x 16 character alphanumeric lcd
Operating Conditions: Back light Illuminates for 15 seconds when
any key is pressed
Housing IP65
Key Pad Membrane with tactile buttons
Operating Temperature -10oC to +50oC
Weight 2Kg (Approx)
Relative Humidity 0 – 90% RH non-condensing
Dimensions 181W x 250H x 110D (mm)
Storage Temperature - 20 to + 60 oC
PRINT a Specification Sheet for the DI32 – 101 Due to continued product development, specifications may change without notice.  Always refer to Data Acquisition Networks for the latest information.

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