Tank Telemetry


DAN monitoring equipment enables suppliers of liquid (and solid) materials stored in tanks to know from a remote location when a customer needs a replenishment order.

Whilst many tank telemetry systems monitor depth, DAN systems can monitor volume.


Does anyone remember the days when a manufacturing company would run out of a vital ingredient? The cost of an error of that type was enormous.

DAN tank monitoring and tank telemetry solutions ensure those days are gone. DAN tank monitoring equipment ensures you are always aware of how much ingredient you have remaining and where appropriate, your suppliers can receive alarm notifications that will enable them to efficiently and effectively schedule replenishment deliveries.

DAN tank monitoring utilises a variety of means including sound, pressure and weight measurement to ensure there is no application that cannot benefit from continuous monitoring.

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Suppliers of materials that provide a high level of service to their customers use remote data loggers to monitor tanks and send alarms when pre-determined replenishment levels are reached.

These suppliers never allow their customers to run low or worse, to have their production stopped by low material levels.

DAN tank monitoring equipment enables a supplier to access information routinely, to receive alarms as replenishment levels are reached, to contact there customers to advise of a supply need rather than wait for a customer to contact them and because this information is ‘ordered’ and routine, truck deliveries can be scheduled in the most efficient manner.

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Tank Monitoring

Data Acquisition Networks currently supply equipment to the private sector as well as to Government where extreme levels of quality and reliability of performance are necessary. Tank monitoring equipment is supplied to the industrial paint and resin industries where there are a large number of very satisfied customers who are both end-user companies and industrial suppliers.Data Acquisition Networks has two alternative tank monitoring offerings. One is a basic product that does what competitive product does only does it more reliably and less expensively as well as providing some important enhanced features making use of the product simpler. The second product is a ‘value added’ product that offers advantages to suppliers by way of improved oversight of deliveries.


The key benefits of our basic product as follows:

  1. The system is inexpensive to install and operate and has proven itself more reliable than alternatives
  2. The DAN system is web-based and allows parameters to be changed over the internet via password protected access
  3. The DAN system reports every half hour and has a ‘derived data’ function which automatically allows usage and/or other data to be calculated
  4. DAN is an Australian owned and operated business and offers local support for all products. DAN designs and manufactures tank monitoring systems and is not simply a distributor of a foreign product. All the expertise for DAN tank monitoring product is located locally
  5. DAN has a ‘flexible’ approach to pricing and is prepared to enter into an agreement to supply data for companies that would prefer a monthly data fee rather than the purchase of hardware

The link to the DAN website is http://www.danmonitoring.com/applications/tank-monitoring


The ‘Value Added’ product performs all the functions of the basic product however in addition it has a ‘keypad’ that enables a delivery driver to:

1. Enter a PIN code that records his/her time of arrival and is also able to initiate a function/action such as unlock an enclosure.

2. Enter a PIN code that records time of departure. This feature can also assist to manage OH&S requirements for out-of-hours or remote/isolated deliveries

3. Record the quantity of product he/she has discharged to the tank

4. Where appropriate record what product was delivered

5. Enter miscellaneous information whilst on site that is required by Logistics

All ‘entered’ information is transferred and immediately visible to supplier HQ.

Both the BASIC and VALUE ADDED tank monitoring products have alarm features and both use tabular and graphical display for ease of use.

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