1. This warranty applies to the electronic circuitry and associated software and web site access supplied by Data Acquisition Networks Pty Ltd (DAN) and is in addition to (and does not exclude or modify in any way) any non-excludable statutory rights the purchaser may have (including under the Trade Practices Act).


2. The term of the warranty is twelve months from the date of purchase.


3. Subject to clause 4, DAN warrants that the product designed, manufactured and supplied by DAN will be free from defect in materials and workmanship for the term.4. The warranty ceases if:a) The product ceases to carry the manufacturer’s serial number or was soldb) The product is repaired, serviced or interfered with (in any way) other than by DAN or an authorised DAN representative.c) The product is damaged by:

· Accident· Misuse· Failure to properly clean the product or any part thereof (including those components supplied by others that form part of the system)· Failure to maintain or properly service· Incomplete installation and/or incorrect operation· Use for which the product is not designed· Use of non DAN specified accessories 

d) The product is rentede) The product is used in an environment other than that for which it has been designed.5. This warranty does not apply to:

· any accessory or items supplied with the DAN product (including probes, buoys, solar panels, beacon lights, aerials or batteries). DAN extends to the Purchaser, the same warranty period and under the same terms extended to DAN by the suppliers of those components.· any data captured, received or transmitted by the system.· any data accessed from the we site or the operation of the web site. 


6. If the Purchaser wishes to make a claim under warranty, please contact DAN for the nearest authorised service representative7. If DAN request the Purchaser to deliver the product to DAN, the Purchaser will do so.


8. If the Purchaser makes a claim under warranty, DAN’s liability is limited to and at its sole discretion to either:a) Replacement of the product with an equivalent productb) Repair of the product9. Following the replacement or repair under clause 8, ownership of the original product (or that part replaced) will immediately transfer to DAN.10. When the product has been repaired or replaced, DAN will notify the purchaser and the product may be collected from the nearest authorised service representative.Subject to Clause 1, if after DAN has inspected the product and is of the opinion that the product or alleged defect is not covered by warranty for whatever reason, the Purchaser will be liable for any labour, parts and transport costs incurred by DAN.

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