DM32 – Utilities Logger

The DAN DM32 is specially designed to capture usage of utilities including water, electricity and gas.  Its 32 inputs captures data and sends regular updates to the DAN web site.  A mixture of facilities may be captured on the one logger.  No software to download or update. Configuration of the DM32 is accomplished by inputting information into the unit via the keypad.  Once loaded, all data is transferred to the DAN web site, where consumption may be viewed at any time.  As an additional feature, the DM32 may also be set up via the web site to monitor up to 5 analogue inputs such as water temperature etc.

  • Includes 32 inputs for collection of utilities data
  • Accepts up to 5 analogue probe inputs loop or separately powered
  • Includes 3 programmable relays for local control or alarms
  • Provides 2 alarm points per analogue input
  • UPS for operation up to 30 hours if power fails
  • Housed in an IP66 enclosure

To view and print a full specification for the DM32 click here – PDF

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