Temperature recording


Data Acquisition Networks maintains that efficient control of temperatures through monitoring does not need to cost large amounts of money. In fact, DAN is able to supply wireless devices that record temperatures from many points and then aggregate presentation and storage of data on a website in a way that is unique and absolutely cost effective.

Installation of DAN temperature monitoring equipment is also easy and inexpensive and can normally be completed for a complex site in a very short time.

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Storage temperature is vital to so many products. Food, blood and some pharmaceuticals can all be susceptible to temperature damage and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Not only can poorly stored product by injurious or even fatal but it will cause your company and its reputation irreparable damage.

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DAN’s data logger range is capable of monitoring almost anything and the most frequent request we receive is to monitor temperature. Temperature data loggers record vital records for everything from food, to swimming pools right through to and including pharmaceuticals.

Recent developments by DAN enable efficient wireless monitoring over substantial distances. All data records from DAN temperature data loggers are sent to a website routinely so you will always have a record demonstrating your due diligence.

Temperature data loggers supplied by DAN have proven themselves absolutely reliable and durable as well as being inexpensive. Temperature data loggers send alarm notifications and enable corrective action to be noted.

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Temperature data loggers perform critical and at times life saving functions.

Whether your need is to record the temperature of blood stored for human use, the storage temperature of perishable foods or the core temperature of re-thermalised foods, temperature data loggers are crucial. Temperature data loggers are ‘at work’ 24/7 and whereas it was formerly believed that writing a temperature down twice a day would get the job done, it has now clear this was incorrect.

Temperature data loggers supplied by Data Acquisition Networks come in many sizes and varieties from the very simple to the sophisticated. DAN is able to provide a data loggers to meet your exact need and at a price that is affordable. DAN temperature data loggers can be installed as wireless units or hard-wired. They can record your data on a PC or MacBook or on a website independently maintained with a guaranteed 99.9% up-time.

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Most perishable items, particularly food, need to be stored at appropriate temperatures so as to maintain freshness and food safety.

Whenever a perishable food item held in storage goes outside acceptable temperature it is critical a temperature data logger sends an alarm AND records the level of temperature abuse and the time over which that abuse occurred.

Temperature data loggers supplied by Data Acquisition Networks provide this essential information. A microbiologist or laboratory can examine DAN data records and determine if the perishable food remains suitable for consumption, that is it is food safe and if so, whether it is advisable to reduce the remaining shelf life of the product.

Without this high quality of information, food needs to be thrown away.

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Temperature remains one of the MOST CRITICAL measurements for a variety of goods ranging from perishable food storage through to pharmaceuticals and everything in between!

Data Acquisition Networks has a range of temperature data loggers that ensure every application has a measuring solution that is easy to install, efficient to use and effective. DAN supplies simple chart recorders to monitor temperature through to sophisticated internet based reporting systems that ensure recorded temperatures are permanently stored and available when required. DAN temperature data loggers also send out alarms when temperature goes outside pre-determined standards set by you.

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Temperature monitoring remains the single biggest use of industrial monitoring equipment. Whilst more and more people every day are realising the benefits of monitoring everything they do, temperature seems critical to a great many industries.

Perishable food can develop microbial contamination if appropriate storage temperatures are not maintained. Pharmaceutical products can lose effectiveness and blood and other ‘medical needs’ are temperature sensitive.

The consequences of temperature failure in any of these applications can be very significant and potentially fatal.

DAN provides a range of temperature monitoring equipment and has a product to meet and exceed your needs, no matter what industry you are in. DAN equipment is supported locally and cost effective.

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Temperature Recording

Why is Temperature so critical to so many items?

Storage temperatures are critical to items such as food and blood. Food for example can have two sorts of temperature abuse.

QUALITY: The quality of some foods is severely lessened if storage temperatures are not maintained at the correct levels. Some foods are not freeze/thaw stable meaning if their storage temperature is too severe and they freeze, they will not have the same consistency in use after being thawed. Some made-up gravies and sauces are good examples. Conversely, some food that should be kept frozen will deteriorate if allowed to thaw and then re-frozen. Ice cream is the classical example used by most people to illustrate this temperature problem. Ice cream is produced with over-run or aeration and then immediately frozen. If allowed to thaw or melt the aeration collapses and when re-frozen the product does not have the same consistency and mouth feel most consumers associate with a perfect ice cream product.

SAFETY: Of greater importance are the safety issues for food not stored at correct temperatures. The degree of safety concern can vary from food type to food type depending upon a number of factors but specifically depending upon the nature of the food and its ‘friendliness’ to bacteria. Tomato sauce for example is an acid-based product that is an unfriendly environment for bacteria. If left unrefrigerated, tomato sauce will suffer from what is commonly referred to as ‘black-neck’ but the product itself is unlikely to carry and grow high levels of harmful bacteria on the basis the acid naturally occuring in tomatoes provides a hostile environment for bacteria. Milk, fresh seafood and chicken however are examples of food products that provide an environment conducive to the growth of bacterial or microbial contamination. At certain temperatures food products can incubate bacteria resulting in rapid growth of sometimes deadly toxins.

Temperature recording for food storage is an essential part of any food safety or HACCP plan. Not only does temperature recording provide a permanent record of when temperature abuse occurs but if abuse occurs it is the relationship between time and temperature that becomes critical in determining the suitability of the food for human consumption.

Temperature recording for food is also critical at the cooking or re-heating stage where the core or deep-meat temperature of the food needs to reach certain temperatures to eliminate bacteria in some instances.

Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) is one of the very few companies that provide a means for routine and continuous collection of data records and in the event of a mishap, provides a record of both time and temperature.

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